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Oak Knoll Hotline for our Neighbors

While the construction of Oak Knoll’s master plan proceeds, the development team is doing its best to be a good neighbor to residents in the surrounding area and also keep the property secure from trespassers.

If you should see any issues on the property that need our attention, please call (800) 379-2465.

Oak Knoll Community

Nestled at the base of Oakland's southern foothills, the Oak Knoll community is the culmination of a collaborative effort on the part of the City of Oakland, residents and developer SunCal to reinvigorate and revitalize one of the most significant properties in the Bay Area.

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Located on site of the former Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, Oak Knoll will be a pedestrian friendly plan and designed oriented around the restored creek for a highly livable community.

Located on site of the former Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, Oak Knoll will be a pedestrian-friendly plan oriented around a restored creek for a highly livable community.

For 54 years, the Naval Hospital treated American servicemen including those wounded during WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam. It was closed in 1996 and sat vacant for another 16 years during which time the site and its buildings were vandalized and left in extreme disrepair. SunCal is excited to be part of the transformation of this unique property and honoring the history of this important place.

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Vibrant Neighborhoods

The transformation of this site into vibrant neighborhoods, open spaces and public parks is a collective vision created in collaboration with the surrounding community.

Community information, including facilities, uses, availability and amenities, are subject to change at any time without notice or obligation. Illustrations, photographs, square footages and features are approximate for illustration purposes only.

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